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Lincoln Deliverz

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Lincoln Deliverz

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lincoln Deliverz? 
Lincoln Deliverz is an innovative program that refunds the 3rd party app delivery fee to Lincoln restaurants. This program ensures that our neighbors who are sheltering in place have access to a wide range of restaurant meals that can be delivered. It also supports our local restaurants as they remain open to provide these meals and jobs to our residents.


How does the program work?
There is an application that is completed by the restaurant owner to participate in Lincoln Deliverz. The reimbursement is twice per month on the 15th and end of the month. Participating restaurants contract with a 3rd party delivery such as DoorDash or GrubHub. Reports from the 3rd party delivery service are submitted by the restaurant to Lincoln Deliverz, and a reimbursement check is cut for that amount. This is meant to be a temporary support for Lincoln restaurants and residents. The exact timeline will become clear as we progress through the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.


How do I contract with a 3rd party delivery service?

DoorDash  How do I get on DoorDash? You can sign up to be on DoorDash here.

GrubHub How do I get on GrubHub? You can sign up to be on GrubHub here.


Who do I contact for an application for Lincoln Deliverz?

Email: for a quick eform by email.